• Hello, I'm Kanon from the English wikia (

    First off, sorry to inconvience you but I do not speak Chinese or Japanese (Kind of hard for me to distinguish the two). You seem to have done a superb job on this wiki; coding, arranging, and everything. I'm curious if you mind the english wikia use some code from the wikia.css to change about our wikia to reflect this, or if you can help us make our wikia like this without too much revamp.

    Thanks for your time.


    • Howdy Kanon,

      It is my pleasure to get your message. Everything on Wikia is open coded. Please do copy the codes as you want. I am also happy to help on your wikis on the other hand, if you ask me to.

      PS. This wikis is all about the Taiwan version. The data may not be the same as yours as we are at the earlier stage. Also, this wikis has linked the english of inter-language as yours for a long time. It will be much appreciated if you do the same (although they are different version).


    • I'll add a link between our wikis, along with the JP wiki if you show me how. I'm rather inexperienced with CSS/HTML.

      All help would be appreciated if you don't mind lending a hand.

      PS: The wiki you linked to on the notification box at the top of the page is incorrect. is not our wiki. Our wiki is, no hyphen.

    • OMG, I applied the interlink with w:c:unisonleague, definitely not unison-league. I didnt even realize about w:c:unison-league. I have already sent an request to fix this. Thanks very much for telling me. No wonder I could never find the notification box on your wikis. There is no jp wiki on Wikia, but on other wiki farm in Japan. Please refer to Interlanguage or simply add [[zh:]] at the end of your main page.

      I wish I could help. Could you tell me what you want me to make modification about? Please do ask me on My Wall@UnisonLeague

      PS. I couldnt edit the mediawiki or special pages without the right.
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